FOR INVESTORS, Sprout8 is a discovery platform. Not only do we share our market research, analysis and insights, we also connect you to exceptional small caps seeking investors.

We only work with the highest quality small caps and by the time we connect you, they’ve been thoroughly reviewed by our expert analysts.

FOR COMPANIES, Sprout8 connects Australia’s highest quality small caps with investors.

We do this by helping you create engaging content that investors love. From creative infographics to professional reports, the content we develop will give your small cap an edge in the investor market.

It’s your story. You’re the hero. We just help the market understand your business in the most effective way, allowing you to focus more time on your underlying business.

ABOVE ALL, we believe in innovation. Founded by three analysts with expertise in bio, tech and marketing, Sprout8 is our way of creating thought-provoking conversations and exposing ourselves and our community to new ideas, inspired by the quote below:

“Find people of alternative points of view and have quality conversations back and forth. Not to let them think for me, not for me to follow their point of view, but for me to understand the different perspectives. Because it increases my probability of being right, and it reduces my probability of being wrong.” -Ray Dalio